Spending many hours or days at a time on Ohio roads can leave a truck driver physically and mentally drained. Fatigued truckers could face higher accident risks, according to a study conducted by the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. There are several ways that drivers may be able to keep fatigue to a minimum. One strategy is to stick to a consistent sleep schedule whenever possible.

Ideally, a trucker will be able to sleep at least six consecutive hours at some point each day. Those who have trouble sleeping can still benefit from taking short naps of up to 40 minutes. Passing on burgers and fast food in favor of a chicken sandwich can help fight off fatigue and provide the body with the nutrients that it needs.

Staying hydrated can help a trucker avoid cramps, headaches and other physical ailments. Ideally, an individual will drink water while avoiding soda and alcohol. Caffeine can actually lead to a higher level of fatigue over a longer period of time. Alcohol may impair one’s ability to process information while operating a motor vehicle. It can also have an impact on a person’s emotional state and ability to stay awake while behind the wheel.

Someone who has been injured in a truck accident might be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other damages. These damages may include missed wages, lost future earnings or the cost of repairing or replacing property. An attorney could review physical, video or photographic evidence to determine how to proceed in a personal injury case. It might be possible to resolve the matter through a negotiated settlement as opposed to taking the case to trial.

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