Truck Crash Attorney Andy Young Educates Texas Attorneys About Truck Side Underride Car Crashes

Andy Young, the founding partner of Young & McCarthy LLP, of Cleveland, Ohio was invited to be the keynote speaker on November 16, 2018, at the Texas State Bar’s truck accident legal education program being presented to more than two hundred Texas attorneys. His speaking topic is the safety and litigation aspects of a special type of car accident in which a car and truck collide and the car ends up underneath the side of the truck or trailer.

These crashes are known as “side underride” crashes and frequently they result in head injuries or death to the occupants of the car. These accidents are entirely preventable with the installation of side underride guards affixed to the trucks or trailers, which has been proven by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. Such guards are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, which means that they can and should be used on the nation’s truck fleets to save lives.

Some cities have begun to mandate their use on city trucks and some trucking companies are now using them on some of their trucks. In some other countries of the world they are becoming standard. Side underride guards have the added benefit of protecting bicyclists and pedestrians in accidents occurring on city streets where bikers and pedestrians are common.

Andy Young spends considerable time lobbying local governments about this subject, and he is involved with national organizations that lobby Congress about this subject. In addition, when appropriate, he will litigate the issue. He is honored by the opportunity to speak to the Texas attorneys. Several times each year Andy Young speaks to attorneys around the United States about truck crash litigation. He spoke in Tennessee and North Dakota to attorneys earlier this fall and he will be speaking again next year in California.

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