Types of Trucking Accidents

There a many types of common trucking accidents:

  • Rear-end accidents: This is when the truck runs into the back of the car. It is unbelievably common and easily preventable.
  • Lane change accidents: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) require truck drivers to manage the 360 degrees around their truck space. When they fail to do so and injuries occur, we can hold them responsible.
  • Side underride accidents — Jackknife/U-turn/Intersection collisions: These accidents often cause serious injuries and deaths. Patterns of noncompliance are ordinarily demonstrated by steady penalties in one or more of the FMCSA’s Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs).
  • Rear underride accidents: Sometimes the truck does something wrong and the driver of the car behind the truck crashes into the back of the truck.  This is not always the car driver’s fault.
  • Construction zones accidents: New truck drivers who just received their commercial driver’s license (CDL) may not be experienced in proper methods of stopping in time for backed up traffic or planning for an out of control truck.
  • Intersection crashes: Too frequently, trucks fail to yield the right of way or run traffic control devices resulting in preventable accidents.


At Young & McCarthy LLP, our attorneys have experience with the differences involved in every type of case and truck accident. We know to investigate whether the trucking company attempted to save money by not installing the safest technology available such as forward collision avoidance and mitigation (FCAM) that could have prevented or lessened the severity of your crash. We know how to determine whether the truck driver was inexperienced or physically unfit to drive the truck to analyze whether unfitness and inexperience contributed to the accident.

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